Tuesday, March 16, 2010

whats in my bag yo?

i was so excited when i was tagged by the lovely projective at cassietopia.
ive always wanted to do one of these!
so here it goes.

in my lovely burberry bag there is...
1. My medicine case. Basically contains every single medicine you could ever need to cure a stomachache or allergic reaction.
2. My epi-pen. i'm allergic to tree nuts...lame i know.
3. Bath and Body Works Travel Hand Sanitizer. i'm kindof addicted to hand sanitizer. Those flavors are warm vanilla sugar and sweet pea.
4. One of Gemma's many bows.
5. Dooney & Bourke change purse.
6. Dooney & Bourke card holder, with my license.
7. Marc Jacobs mirror compact.
8. My house and car keys on a Marc Jacobs snake skin key chain.
9. My iPod Touch.
10. Dior Addict ultra gloss reflect lipgloss, and Bath and Body Works Soda Fountain Marshmellow sundae lip gloss. (my two favorites)
11. My Marc Jacobs wallet.
12. Marc Jacobs sunglasses & case.

obviously i really love marc jacobs.
but other than tampons and some gum thats what my lovely burberry bag consists of.

i am going to tag my favorite ladies...


  1. dang girl. you're so prepared.

    My bag is kind of boring.

    I use my diaper bag as a purse as well-
    It wouldn't be that interesting....

    I'll post it anyway though...

    have a great day dear. xoxo

  2. really good post:) ive nominated you for an award over at my blog xxxx

  3. Fun post, darling!
    Love your sunnies!


  4. just tell me how ironic this is. i was planning on doing a "what's in my bag" post today anyway, but now i've officially been tagged for it so HOW SWEET IS THAT. anyway, i love how girly everything in your bag is. my turn!


  5. I'd love to do one of these posts but my bag is so disorganised id actually have to get stuff to put in it :p

  6. I love these posts! Always fun to see what other people carry around. I carry around so much with me and I don't use even half of it throughout the day. LOL

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  7. Bath & Body works is amazing! I agree. Their sanitizer rocks! lol

  8. oh you are sweet. you tagged me. i already did this in a past post. did you miss my mess of a bag? i think it was at the end of one of my military look posts. take a look and have a good laugh sweet thing!



  9. awesome awesom post!thanks for the tag sweetie!I did one last year but I'm gonna do it again:x

  10. lovely post! love the bag & the Marc Jacobs (love that man haha ♥) is SO cute!
    thanks for tagging me girlie :D

  11. love ur burberry bag... want one too!


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