Tuesday, March 9, 2010

uhm so i think i'm inlove.

with this dress i found on The Trend Boutique.
first of all has anyone heard or bought on this site?
i'm not sure if its legit or not.
it just seems too good to be true.
buuuutt i found this dress for prom....

its one of the same dresses that sarah jessica parker wears in the new sex and the city 2 movie!
i literally died.
its not very formal, but i think with a big necklace and some fancy shoes it would be sooooo perfect!
i wanted a unique dress anyways.
im seriously inlove.

i also found it on net-a-porter.
its the exact same dress.
with some pin hicky on the top of the sleeve.
but either way i need to have this dress.
i just dont know which website to buy from?

i also just found this on neiman marcus,
since 3/10/10.
if i get it anywhere itll definatley be there.
it looks for like the original trend boutique.

what do you lovely ladies think?
will i look like an underdressed idiot at prom?
fill me in on which website to buy from.


  1. definitely very unique!
    anyway, i'm not a fan of buying dresses online, but if i absolutely had to choose - i'd say that netoporter sounds more legit?

  2. It's nice, but how much does it cost?

  3. Go to net-a-porter... it's more reliable. That dress is so fabulous... not the usual prom dresses so you will be unique. I love it. xoxo

  4. I have no clue which website is better to buy from to be honest, but that dress is gorgeous! It's very grecian looking to me :) I wanted a really 'greek' looking dress for prom last year, and i'm glad that you're not getting a big poofy pink one ! (yuck)!

  5. if it has the same price buy it from net-a-porter:)

  6. It's lovely dress,i adore!


  7. the one from the trend boutique looks nicer to me, I think I may get it myself!!


  8. I do prefer the first one and if you're worried it's not legit, ring them and ask for their address, then check out the address on Google maps.

  9. i think the dress is gorgeous! i love the color and the off the shoulder detail.


  10. hey, i just found your blog, it's so inspiring! i love zee design too :)

    hmm.. i've never heard or bought from either of those sites. i'd go with the least expensive?! hehe

    <3 http://www.prettytimepiece.org

  11. So gorgeous!
    Net-a-porter is a great site...


  12. beautiful dress! the colour is gorgeous.

  13. This dress is just perfect for a romantic night, or I think so, LOL.
    Nice blog :)

  14. beautiful dress, and great blog! really love the cute header

  15. OMG I love this dress, but I have no idea about where to buy it as I dont use these sites for clothing purchases. Let us know how you go.

  16. that dress is ah-ma-zing!! i can't wait to see pics with you in it!

    as far as the trend boutique i have never heard of them and they look legit. but is it less expensive there? i would go with net-a-porter if the price difference is not much different.



  17. This dress looks absolutely stunning and so extraordinary. I am so intrigued about pictures from your prom with this rad dress!!

  18. I love SJP!! I can't wait for the new movie to come out! =) Btw darling I gave you another award on my blog today!


  19. ohh i really love that dress! if you can find it, you should definitely wear it to prom. it'll make a statement and you'll be the only one wearing it for sure.

    better than showing up in the cliche jessica mclintock poufy mess that everyone else will be wearing. ;)


  20. Definitely go for net-a-porter!!

  21. I love how this dress drapes. Beautiful!

  22. This dress is unique and trendy. I think you have to think about what look you are going for for prom. I really liked those BCBG dresses you posted earlier (specifically the last one in white with the purple/blue/grey poking out from the bottom and the flower on the bodice, sweetheart neckline) though. If you are looking for something off-kilter and different, this is it. If you'rel ooking for something classic and pretty, keep hunting. Either way, I'm sure you'll look great. :)



  23. Loving the dress, it's so nice!

  24. Stunning dress!

    By the way - Thanks for your support comments on my previous post. ♥♥♥

  25. It looks pretty cool. But these types of dresses just don't work out with my body :P

  26. That dress is stunning!!
    At prom I'm more into what-you-see-in-movie dresses, more ordinary. But that's just my style and I don't know your style, so if you like it you really should go for it! and of course you're gonna look fabulous!

  27. awesome post. love the dress...great blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  28. yes. this dress is perfect for you! you need to get it! and be sure to post some photos of you wearing it! ;) xo

  29. WOW I THINK I LOVE THIS DRESS AS MUCH AS YOU DO NOW! Thanks so much for sharing your find :-D

    GREAT BLOG! Just starting reading and I love it. Happy to call myself a new follower. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Stop by my blog sometime and see if you can find some inspiration there too!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  30. very cute dress, and very different from normal prom attire. if you wear it with the right accessories i say go for it :)

    helen xx

  31. really like the dress, does it come in other colours. as for prom, i don't know what to tell you, what i know about prom comes from american teen movies, not sure how to close to reality they are



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