Friday, March 5, 2010



lovelies, i cannot believe it!
i appreciate and love every single one of you,
and all you've guys said and done for me!
you all are such beautiful people
and i couldn't make this passion of mine be so popular.

so in honor of you guys i'm doing a giveaway!
i used to be obsessed with aldo purses,
so i'm giving you lucky ladies one of mine!
yes it is used, but you'd never know it.
it is really in tip top shape and i realllly loved it.
so now it can be one of yours!

rules to enter:
1. you must be a follower. no cheaters, this is for my followers.

2. leave a pretty comment about why you love//want this bag.

3. either leave me your email in the comment,
or if you dont want to put it out in public, let me know,
and if you win i'll get it from you in private.

4. if you follow me on twitter and tweet about my giveaway
or post any type of blogpost or link to this giveaway on your blog,
you'll get another entry. you have to let me know or i cannot give you your second entry.
(but you can only do one or the other)

the giveaway will be closed on march 19th.
so enter before its too late!

goodluck to you my lovely ladies!
i really love you all!


  1. hey thanks for commenting on my blog:)
    i thought i was already following you but apparently not so I am now,
    your really pretty:) aldo bag is gorgeous, well done on 100 followers ! xxx

  2. Hi sweety!Congrats-you really deserve all your readers:)I don't enter to giveaway(it's too diffucult to send here incase i'll win).Have a fab weekend and hope you have much more readers!!!


  3. It's huge! I love how big it is. (: (I'd rather not leave my e-mail) :D

  4. Don't you love big slouchy bags!

    You are too cute my friend, too cute!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. What?!!! This bag is GORGEOUS. I just started getting addicted to Aldo too :)- Lol
    This would totally match my NEW brown suede boots.

    You know I follow. I will put a link to this on my blog and here is my

    Good luck to me!!! Fingers crossed.

  6. aw you are so sweet - that is a really beautiful bag! love the detailing on the front & how it's a good size :)

  7. Hi Girly, Love the purse its so cute. I would love to be entered. Added a post with your link on my blog. Great job on 100 folowers :-).

  8. Yay congrats you so deserve it!

    I love the bag I also love the details on the front!

  9. Love big roomy bags and brown goes with everything! So cute!

    I will also post this giveaway on my blog and I'll tweet about it!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Awh, congrats on 100 followers me love! :)
    OMGSH that bag is gawj! .. i have a thing for big slouchy bags with big buckels and i havent seen a really nice brown one that ive liked in a while i would love LOVE to own this! ahhh :)

    [ i will be putting a link up on my page about this]


  11. I'm totally rocking an aldo purse right now:-)

    So I'm a follower (you already know!)

  12. Good idea on the giveaway. It's a great way to get publicity. I got an extra 20 followers when i did my last one. The purse is sooo cute, btw. It would look great in my summer wardrobe. I also have a link to this on my blog. =)


  13. Aww congrats on getting 100 followers!! You deserve it. Your blog looks so pretty! :) I'm following now! :)

  14. okay, well christalee and i are reading your blog and one of us have to have it. why do we want it? because it's big, brown, and beautiful; and honestly, what more could you want in life, or a bag. plus, it would be going into very good hands, i (karlay) personally LOVE big bags because i can stick my life in there. you can never have a big enough bag. it's so beautiful it hurts my heart.. and it's still hurting. does this even count because i know you? am i wasting my time? i would drink gallons of barium for that bag. alright. that should explain it enough. i love you. ps; christalee says her purse is a peace of crap and it's falling apart.

  15. Congrats darling on the followers! I would love to win this bag because it is just gorgeous!I am obviously already a follower! So enter me please!

  16. i just got your comment - you are SO lovely! i love your soo much blog too girlie :)
    congrats on 100 followers! you deserve all of them & more :D
    oooh, i want this bag because it's gorgey! haha what a lame response..but it is! & i don't have any brown bags so this would be perfect :)

  17. i def. need this bag!!! It's perfect for the coming summer and my trip from germany to nyc :-)
    congratulation for your over 100 readers!
    Love your blog!!
    and your anf hoodie ;)

  18. Congratz!!! I believe you'll get so many more in the near future :)

  19. Congrats on 100 followers, Julianne! Wow oh wow, that sure is a lot of people who love you. :D And why shouldn't they? Anyway, why I want the bag! Becaaaaause well first, I stinking LOVE droopy leathery bags like that with a little bit of shine. I think they're gorgeous and whoever came up with that kind of design is very brilliant. And secondly, because you owned it! And you are such a doll and I love being your friend. :D Anyway, yes. That is why I want it. I love you, girl.

  20. ps, tweeted about your giveaway. :D

  21. WOOO 100 followers :)
    Can't wait til I get that many loyal followers haha I'm just starting..
    enter me: I'd like to win this bag because it looks really cute and im in dire need of a bag that color! if its needed my email is

    Have a good day love<3

    Check me out girlies:
    por favor? :)

  22. aaaaand posted about it in my latest entry. :D LOVEYOU, doll.

  23. it's simple - i love this bag. i normally rock black bags because i haven't found the perfect brown! so hook a girl up ;)

    ohh and a big fat congrats on 100 followers! xx

    tiffany xx

  24. Congrats! A 100 followers! This is awesome! Great idea with the giveaway. The bag is really pretty. love the colors! Hope you get another 100 followers soon! xoxo

  25. Congrats on the 100 followers! No small feat for sure :)

  26. Love this purse! I love it
    1. bc of the color!
    2. its so big!! I could stick everything of mine in there, and still have some room for a little something else
    3. its so AdOrAbLe!! and my anniversary is on the 12th (of March 5yrs baby!!) so it would be a great present!!
    I dont tweet but ill post this on my facebook.(hope that can count) Ill blog about it as well in case it doesnt count!
    (ill give you my email later)
    Love this blog!!
    congrats on all your followers!!

  27. I absolutely love that purse! It is way too cute. I love how it is big, I have sooo much stuff that I carry in my purse that I need a big one!

  28. Love the Aldo bag. A girl always needs a BIG bag. Especially in DC. I am following you and would like you to follow me too. I totally get what your saying about chronic illness, it has hit me too. Best to you! I posted your info on my FB site. Cheers!

  29. This is so sweet!

    I love that bag! The color is great and it'sn so pretty! I would take it with me everywhere, haha.

    Ofcourse I'm a follower and my mailadress is

  30. tha bag is so pretty and "big",it would be perfect for college:x

  31. I love the bag and would be so happy to win it. I am an Aldo fan. I would like to win this as I am fighting two chronic diseases, lupus and fibromylagia and don't have the funds to purchase a bag like the one you are giving away. Thanks and I love your blog. My e-mail address is

  32. tweeted too:)

  33. I thought I was following you but I guess not, but I am now!!!

    And Aldo, are you kidding??? I would so looove to have the bag 'cuz Aldo is just the best and yes I'm quite obsessing over bags lately, lol.


  34. Oh and I tweeted too!


  35. hi darl :) i'd love this bag cos i adore big bags and i think the color and detail on this bag is just gorgeous!
    my email is:
    i also twittered this giveaway.
    my twitter: GlamourLove

    thanks darling!

  36. NICE BAG!

    I can see how you would say it's like new, this bag looks in tip top shape!

    I too am a huuuge fan of Aldo bags. I have bags from there I have bought years ago which I still use and love.

    This bag is great because:

    1. The size is fantastic. It's large, it will carry all my stuff from my wallet, to pashmina, to lunch and camera.

    2. The colour is fierce. I don't have any purses in this colour, and it's so rich looking.

    3. There is hardware. I love it when a bag has metal, buckles, hoops, whatever! It really ups the bags oomph factor.

    4. It's super sweet of you to do this give away, and thanks for giving us all a chance to win your previously-loved ;) bag.


  37. I Love that bag, I wish it was mine ;)!

    your giveaway is awesome.

  38. fab giveaway sweetie!

    Last day to enter my Olivia Rubin giveaway:


    I did another post about your giveaway! x

  40. congrats on the 100 followers, darling :)
    how sweet is that you host this giveaway! this bag is gorgeous, I love it because it's big :)


  41. i need a new brown bag, and this one is super cute! congrats on 100+ followers! :)

  42. what a great giveaway! i like the bag because it's HUGE, and i'm a big fan of giant purses! haha. plus, it's aldo. awesome brand.


  43. yaaaay 100 followers ( and a bit now) well done girl you totally deserve it, been reading your blog like a crazy woman since you found me :)

    Sarah wants this bag becaaauusee :

    1. its huge- i love shoving all my makeup junk in my bags lol.

    2. its pretty fierce, i've been looking for a bag this cute for god knows how long.

    3. brown bags = Love.

    4. My cat enjoys sleeping in big bags, and this looks like one for him. lol.

    5. it won't be just any bag, it will be my most special bag that will make all my other bags jealous because it came from someone thats freaking cool.

    Im so happy for you on reaching 100 +




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