Monday, March 8, 2010

fools rush in.

so ladies, i did not get to tell you about my EPIC shopping trip i had last week.
so mumsie and i went for some little retail therapy to get out of the house, and i needed new tennis shoes. god i hate tennis shoes but i actually got a cute pair. so we went and got those and i wanted to go to polo ralph lauren. so we were in there with two other shoppers and three ladies working, when suddenly two big guys and one lady come in and steal ALL THIS SHIT! like with the huge bags and then ran out the door like a bat out of hell. but of course i was turned the other way and missed the whole damn thing. fail. i always miss such epic things. but my mom and everyone else say it. it was on the local news, and apparently they stole $4000 worth of mens clothes. it was so epic and intense. so my mom has been telling everyone that she witnessed a burglary and she is so proud. but i did get a nice sweater out of it...

gotta love shopping.


  1. HAHA, that's so funny that you missed the entire thing with the guys stealing that stuff lol. That's something that I would do xo

  2. LOL I would do that too, look the other way while something epic happens :) At least you did get some nice stuffs

  3. they don't have cameras in the shop?
    crazy shopping trip!
    love the sweater!

  4. what a story?! Where has it happened?

  5. That is deffie a HUGE fail Loool..I would have been POed LOL..x

    Btw thats a beautiful jumper :D

  6. Oh my!I'm glad they didn't hurt anybody.Love your new Puma shoes.Have a great week!


  7. that sounds epic haha - i've never witnessed something like that. though my friends in retail tells me stories :P
    btw, your header image is soo cute.

  8. Wow! Intense!
    I always seem to miss those things too :p
    love the jumper :)

  9. Wow that's scary, thank God they didn't hurt anyone.
    Love the jumper by the way.

  10. ahah thats the funniest thing! i tend to always miss epic events also.
    Adorable sweater you managed to pick up.

  11. OMG!! Now that is what I call a shopping adventure, lol! Love the sweater dear, so cute and nautical-ish. =D


  12. I love the sweater! It's great to go shopping with your mom. Me and my mom do this all the time!

  13. i like the white sweater!

  14. you must had been really concentrating shopping and missed the whole thing!!hahaa something like that happend to me once too when i was working for Club Monaco, people just came with huge garbage bags and swept everything on the show table and ran out...funny thing was half of the employees missed the whole thing!!
    but YAYY to the good buys :D


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