Sunday, February 28, 2010

who knows, what happens now, whatever.

this was just an outfit i wore to my college class.
casual and classic, but it looks nice and well put together.
-red 3/4 length scoop kneck stretch tee: j.crew
-white tank: aerie
-black cardigan: j.crew
-dark skinny jeans: abercrombie &fitch
-burberry scarf and headband
-belt: ralph lauren

also i won another award from the lovely sophie at diary of a young designer.
she has a great blog, check her out!
it is the sunshine award, and its for people who inspire us everyday.

this is who inspires me:
1. Chelsea at Three Birds
3. Leah
4. Cara at Here I Am Lord
5. Audrey at Made You Blush
6. Karlee at She's a Manolomanic
8. Laura at Big City Dreams
9. Cecilia at
Hey Love
10. Tamara Nicole at Memory Bean Designs
11. Nookie at Fashion In My Eyes

TO EXCEPT you must:
1. post the logo on your lovely blog.
2. pass it on to 12 inspirational bloggers.
3. link the beautiful bloggers in your post && make sure to let them know!

love you guys!

The Quick Natural Look Tutorial

okay guys i know that a lot of this video is cut off from the top.
i was trying to use my camera instead of my photobooth camera on my computer.
but i still thought it was worh putting up.
if you guys like this area//lighting or whatever better than my other video please let me know!
i dont know why all of my videos are so damn blurryy!
so hope you guys like it anyways.

i hope everybody likes this.
tell me whatcha think!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

i feel ontop of the world.

so i got an award from Manon from the lovely blog Wunderland!
go check it out ladies!
so i wasn't sure if i had do the same 10 things that make me happy like she did to accept the award, but i did it anyway caus its cute!
so here it is!

ten things that make me happy:
1. my boyfriend.
2. my baby pup Gemma.
3. my life in general.
4. daytona beach florida.
5. my best friend.
7. dancing.
8. fashion.
10. michael jackson.

i want to pass this lovely award onto...
-and of course my cara!

&& heres a little preview of one of my next tutorials...
The Quick Natural Look...

blogggin with boyfriend's pup.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

your one and only pleasure.

i've got spring fever,
well more like after spring comes SUMMER fever.
so ive been loving springy pastel colors.
so i painted my nails IM Beauty from Sephora by OPI.
i love the polishs caus they lastt long, go on nice, and are cheap!

TIPS for removing polish:
if you didn't know, my last polish was suuper dark so i had to remove every spec of it so i could put light yellow over top.
so here are some tips i used to get clean nails.

-Start removing with a cotton ball. DONT soak it in remover just get a little bit on there, or it'll flood your nails and get everywhere. So just a dot, not a lot. then take off the majority of the polish.

-Then take a Q-tip, also NOT soaked in remover, and get around all of the cracks, and spots you missed. Then they should be perfectly spot free.

this might be a no-brainer to some of you but i honestly didnt know that cotton balls worked so well. i always had to use 5000 Q-tips and it took forever. so i hope this helped someone! :)))


i wanna go ski.

i miss my beautiful slopes.

lets go ok?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

fantasy courtesy of me.

i love you burberry.
oh so much.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


want nicole richie's relaxed curls?

then watch this!

Monday, February 22, 2010

i pray that something picks me up.

hello lovers.
so of course i jumped on the bandwagon to read//see dear john.
i always have HATED reading, i mean hated.
i never read, especially for leisure.
but since i've been sick and at home, life gets boring and you run out of things to do.
so i picked up a boook.
i figured dear john would be a good start, too bad it was completely depressing.
i did love the book for all of its passion and romance and i would recommend reading it especially if you liked the movie.
so i was so excited to go see the movie after i read the book.
but last night when my boyfriend and i went, i was disappointed.
of course i cried, being the sap i am, but it totally lacked the passion and relationship that the book described.
so many minor and significant details were changed, and i was totally disappointed.
but if i didnt read the book i'd probably like it.
so if you havent seen the movie or havent read the book i would highly suggest either, just be prepared to cry.
but in all honest the book is beautiful and truly shows the true meaning of love.

so now i am rading LA Candy by Lauren Conrad.
i needed a sappy love story break.
so i'm reading about fashion, glamour and boys!
i love it so far, only being on chapter like 5.
(i'm a very slow reader)
so i'll let ya know how it goes.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

lovely bird.

so today i got in the mail, a gift i have been anxiously waiting for.
this adorable knit pin that i won from
i love her blog, her and her baby are so beautiful.
and her pictures amazing me more and more each time she puts up new ones.
so i wanted to show how adorable this pin is,
and to say thanks to the amazing mama bird who gave it to me!


kimkardashian makeup tutorial.

want kim kardashians smokey

then watch! comment! follow! subscribe!

Friday, February 19, 2010

the rush is worth the price i pay.

puppy photoshoot.
this is one of her newer dresses &&bow from build a bear.
its my favorite!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

everybody take it off.

LOVERS! i finally have 30 followers.
it seems like it took forever, but they eventually grew!
i'm so happy that people actually like what i'm doing.
i appriciate alll you guys, and all of your amazing comments!
so keep em coming && keep following! :)))))
love you all.

p.s. i wanted to share my favorite nail polish ever.
its sephora by OPI
i have three of them and i love them so much!
they go on soo well, and they are super cheap.
like 9 bucks.
so since alll of my acrylics broke off, i painted them this deep purple in the mean time.
i like this shade because it looks black but it has a hint of purple, super pretty!

Monday, February 15, 2010

be my valentine?!

oh my valentines was so much fun.
we had a great night.
ruth's chris for dinner.
and then i baked my baby a cake
so we ate and watched time travelers wife,
in the candlelight.
i love my boy so very much.
here are some pics!
i really loved my lips!
i used my sephora in a box +++ some clear gloss ive had for a while.
my outfit: dress: express; tights: forever 21; shoes: michael kors.
i will probably also do a hair tutorial on my hair because i loved it!
and of course my food.
sooo delish!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines day!

i love you all!


all i got are these photographs.

im psyched.
its a cannon power shot and i love it!
im soo impressed with the pics it takes,
and my parents good choice in cameras,
since it was a early family vday suprise.
but none the less i am totally happyyyy.
so i thought id share some pics.
i'll post more if you want.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

rest in peace...

mr. alexander mcqueen.
we will all miss you greatly in the fashion world,
you genius.