Tuesday, February 2, 2010

dude, more people really need to follow this blogggg.

so why follow my blog?
reasons being?
*this is an advertisement, not a desperate plea for followers.

1. I work quite hard everyday on here to make my blog practically perfect in my eyes. Putting up new, stylish, and fun posts for alll people to learn and have fun with.

(me working hard in my hard worker glasses...)

I have pretty damn good fashion sense, and i know a lot about the fashion world.

3. I do hair, make-up, and DOG tutorials on youtube.

3. I am an experience runway model.

5. i wore this yesterday. :P

6. all i want is to help people become more in tune with their fashion sense, to help people build their confidence, and to help people learn new things they have never learned or never thought they could learn before.

i love you guys!


  1. You are too cute!!!
    I luv these candid shots of yourself.

  2. You really are honest to yr blog .. nice post :)

  3. you are so cute!! the last shot is the best ;)

  4. I really really am on her side for the reasons people. This girl is fabulous and her wonderful tips is too great to miss! Follow this blog!

  5. I love genuine smiles :)


  6. thank guys.
    and youre the best Fe!


i read all of your comments and visit each of your blogs!