Monday, February 8, 2010

puppy play date.

so my boyfriend got this PRECIOUS baby this weekend.
shes a 7 week old newfoundland and her name is suczka.
i still cant pronounce it.
i think its (SHUSH KA)
its a polish name because theyre polish and proud.
but today i took gemma over to meet her.
Gem was very bad and scared.
but hopefully they will become best girlfriends soon!
so here is a hair bow for dogs tutorial.
for a very doggy day!


  1. Gemma is so ready for Valentines. Love her dress. Is she a shitszu? I'll do this bow for my Belle. And maybe do one for me too so that mommy and pup will look so fabulous together. Hahaha!

  2. I looooovvvveee Newfies :) Adorable!

  3. May they become best gal pals!!!
    She adorable...but so is your girl.
    ♥ PUPPY LUV ♥

  4. i'm so happy everyone loves my pup pup.
    LEAH- she is actually a Morkie, which is half maltese and half yorkie.
    shes a designer dog! :)

  5. cute! love the new blog header you picked the one I voted for :)

  6. So adorable! They look so cute.

  7. You are adorable. I love how your blog is set up. Where'd you get your background? Ah, I like you more after being able to see this. Love it, girl.

  8. I think we should get together since we're both sicklings and hangout and you can teach me all this blogging stuff I don't know about. I think that would be fun. :D

  9. oh me oh my..... she is perfect! lucky you.



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