Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i am as vain as i allow.

so i am on my second leg of my journey on becoming blonde.
well not completely blonde, but a lot blonder.
im going to continually get highlight is until my hair is the perfect blonde, but natural, color.
im very excited.
so this is my second highlight.
i didnt edit these pictures AT ALL so you guys could actually see my real hair color.
because i know when i edit them it comes out really dark.
so heres the new do.

whatya think?

p.s. dont forget that there will be a giveaway @ 200 followers.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

there's a party at a rich dudes house.

so saturday night i went to this 8Os themed party
with my friend from another schoool,
that just happens to be our school rivals,
i literally knew no one except her,
and a few guys i used to talk to.
but the house was amazing, the girl is loaded.
so i knew that everyone would wear the oversized one sleeve sweatshirts with metalic leggings and huge hair,
so i opted a different look, 8O's rocker.
i loved my outfit, and conveniently the lion king shirt i just made was totally perfect.
by the middle of the party though my demin jacket was off and i felt like such a whore in my open back shirt, but i knew i looked good. (hehe)
all in all, i really loved how i looked and had a great time.
so heres the look.
demin jacket:american eagle, tank: lion king DIY (see DIY post); ripped jeans: a&f; wedges: banana republic; ring: charlotte russe.

DIY time:
so i thought that i would explain my black chocker.
this is a "fad" that i used to wear all the time back in 8th grade. (ha)

-just take black pannyhoes that you dont wear and cut a little strip.
you could really use any color.
- then stretch it out and tie it around your neck.
very simple and ive always really liked it.

p.s. wanna do another giveaway,
when i reach 20o followers.
love ya.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

maybe i'll be bullet proof.

last night the DIY chanel sharpie shirt was in action.
me and my boo went out to eat and to a movie.
so this is what the look looked like...

cardigan: j.crew, necklace: j.crew.

face: sephora in a box, grey base with sparkly black overtop and feathered.
hair: a simple braid headband, with teased hair.
listening to: lady gaga, so happy i could die.
eating: nothing...
smelling: my burberry london parfume
lusting: foxylocks extensions (which i will be getting for Easter!xx)

love you babes.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

live your eyeliner, breathe your lipstick.

so i am loving DIY projects.
it alll started after watching,
my most favorite blogger ever, apparelle's,
so i love what she did, and started doing my own.
i hope i didnt steal her amazing thunder.
it turned into this crazy DIY designer t-shirt blowout. (ha)

so this first shirt is aparrellel's method.
its honestly a lion king on broadway shirt.
but i think the lion looks cool.
&& i love the back.

next is my chanel sharpie look.
this was my first try and i didnt use a stencil.
but i really dont mind how it came out.
i likehow big it is, and a printable stencil wouldnt go that big.
i'm obviously not an artist.

now these are my chanel and louis vuitton logo shirts.

to do these logo shirts:
-take any plain t-shirt. pick any color, but make sure sharpie writing will show up on it.
- cut it any way you want.
(i cut the chanel like apparelle's DIY, and i just cut the top of the louis vuitton wide,and the back deep.)
-then print out a black logo of whatever designer you choose.
(this will only work for lighter colored tshirts, but for darks, you'll have to make a stencil.)
-just slip the print under the shirt, center it, and start tracing with the sharpie.
-color it in, and there you go.
you're own designer shirt, for basically free. xxxx

if you guys really like the logo shirts
and would want one, tell me!
if a lot of you would,
i may make them for you guys
& i might put one in my next giveaway.

do you guys like these DIYs, and my tutorials?
let me know what youd like to see me do.
i love you ladies.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

last name ever, first name greatest.

first today i wore this..
shirt: h&m; belt: forever21. hair pin: h&m.
face: -MAC Mythology shadow stick && powder shadow
-Victoria's Secret All Night Dark Purple

then i slipped into this...
shirt: j.crew; necklace: j.crew; belt: a&f

listening to: drake.
eating: total liquid diet.
reading: lovely bones//sweet little lies (when i buy it).
watching: news for civics assignment.
lusting: cuddle time with lover boy.
wanting: you to formspring me.

Monday, March 22, 2010

tip me over, and pour me out.

so if you didnt already know..
i finished LA Candy!
i've never really been much of a reader,
then i tried this book and its the first i've totally LOVED.
its a lot like Lauren's own life about being on reality TV.
but it has many dramatic twists.
i loved it, but i need to get the next book, Sweet Little Lies,
because the end just totally dropped off a dramatic hill,
and left me hanging.
so i totally recommend this to any girl who loves
fashion, glamour, boys, and juicy drama.
i loved it. xxx

whats next?
sweet little lies of course.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

boy now get your paws right off of me.


(excuse my yucky ballerina feet.)
wearing: top: forever21; white shorts: abercrombie & fitch; shoes: marc jacobs.
loving: warm weather.
listening to: bulletproof-la roux
watching: life
reading: la candy
lusting: asos shopping spree

loving this good weather.

Friday, March 19, 2010

dress me i'm your mannequin.

the look of the night.
top: forever21; jeans: BCBG; shoes: BCBG;

so this is my best friend. she is ridiculously gorgeous.
i was her backstage stylist. i love her.