Thursday, March 25, 2010

live your eyeliner, breathe your lipstick.

so i am loving DIY projects.
it alll started after watching,
my most favorite blogger ever, apparelle's,
so i love what she did, and started doing my own.
i hope i didnt steal her amazing thunder.
it turned into this crazy DIY designer t-shirt blowout. (ha)

so this first shirt is aparrellel's method.
its honestly a lion king on broadway shirt.
but i think the lion looks cool.
&& i love the back.

next is my chanel sharpie look.
this was my first try and i didnt use a stencil.
but i really dont mind how it came out.
i likehow big it is, and a printable stencil wouldnt go that big.
i'm obviously not an artist.

now these are my chanel and louis vuitton logo shirts.

to do these logo shirts:
-take any plain t-shirt. pick any color, but make sure sharpie writing will show up on it.
- cut it any way you want.
(i cut the chanel like apparelle's DIY, and i just cut the top of the louis vuitton wide,and the back deep.)
-then print out a black logo of whatever designer you choose.
(this will only work for lighter colored tshirts, but for darks, you'll have to make a stencil.)
-just slip the print under the shirt, center it, and start tracing with the sharpie.
-color it in, and there you go.
you're own designer shirt, for basically free. xxxx

if you guys really like the logo shirts
and would want one, tell me!
if a lot of you would,
i may make them for you guys
& i might put one in my next giveaway.

do you guys like these DIYs, and my tutorials?
let me know what youd like to see me do.
i love you ladies.


  1. L.O.V.E. the louis vuitton logo off-the-shoulder shirt. a lot. and i love that we're both sickies in black leggings. XOXOX

  2. It's so cool. And you only used sharpies. I love these tees.

    I always love seeing your tutorials and now this DIY.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  3. cure shirts, ive wanted to do a chanel one for a while, i love the way you cut them :)

  4. super cute! i definitely want to try this!

  5. Hey girl... I was wondering who Julianne is... I always knew you as Juicy J. Hahaha! Now I know you're real name. xoxo

  6. Hey girl, I was wondering who Julianne is. I've always known you as Juicy J. Hahaha! Now I know you're real name. xoxo

  7. These came out really good. I really like the ones you cut into halters!


    PS Thanks for visiting my site! I am excited you liked a few things. Oh I offer free alterations also if you would like them!

  8. Dude, I loooove the "Sharpie Chanel". It's bomb. I would totally wear that :) XOXO

  9. cutecute girl! love the louis vuitton one. :)

  10. oh girl, i love that you went haywire and created all of these amazing tee's!!! they look awesome. you are so cute! thanks for linking me sweet thing. lots of love!


  11. these are amazing! love the back on the lion one as well :) you should definitely do more of these! i especially love how you cut the LV one.

  12. You little smarty-pants! LOVE IT! Such a cute idea - I'll try it for sure!


  13. These are so cool! I love all the pics you take, and your gorgeous hair makes all your outfits look smashing. You must have an expensive camera, yes? Or maybe I just can't get good lighting in mine, but they never look as good as those!

  14. wow i love all of your DIYs! esp the Chanel logo <33
    thanks for the tips, hun <3

    join Versicle's anniversary GIVEAWAY, pronto!
    love xx

  15. gotta love the Chanel Sharpie! :D such a great idea dear!

    - Michelle

  16. Oh, this is so much fun. And what a great DIY! I'm so loving the back of the T-Shirt. Who knows a plain shirt could be this fashionable. Thanks sweety for yet again another fascinating post! Love you!!!

  17. They look amazing girl! So pretty.

    x x

  18. i love your make up in the mirror picture =)
    you've got great diy shirts :)!!

  19. I love DIY and these shirts are so cute. I love how they look very casual and easy to wear.

  20. fantastic diys!!! i adore the cc tee especially! :)

  21. i'm about to go cut up all of my shirts and become a designer too! Very cute!

  22. Thanks for stopping by and getting me addicted to your blog!!!

    Loving these t-shirts. I keep saying I am going to try to do the freezer paper method on t-shirt one day!!!

    Adding you to my daily reader!!!

  23. awesome DIY dear!love them all, especially the chanel ones:)

  24. omg u r so good! nice one.....i mean i never thought of that. luv it!

  25. stumbled on your blog :)

    Loving your D.I.Y.~!!!

    Also your gorgeous!

    Cheers, Jesa

  26. wow, this is so cool! i love the back especially! :)

  27. Great tutorial, I love cutting up t-shirts.

  28. oh wow, these DIY projects are absolutely amazing. Especially love the lion king logo, that's so cool

  29. Cute DIYS. I love the backs on the Chanel and Lion shirts.

  30. Love that 2nd top!

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Sporty Knit Tigh-High Socks GIVEAWAY!♥

    Good luck!

  31. Hi there,

    I just came across your blog and really enjoyed it.

    Please come and have a look at my page too.

    I hope to see you soon.

  32. Great DIYs - esp loving that Chanel shirt :)

  33. I am LOVIN' these shirts, espcially the Chanel. Girl, you have a talent!!

  34. These all look amazing, I'm especially loving the LV one. I've gotta try making one of these!

  35. that's such a great idea!! i like how you drew the logos. it's sort of grunge-y/cute/girly.



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