Tuesday, March 9, 2010

dressed to the nines.

so i died over sarah jessica parker's chanel dress.
i seriously want it for prom.
i think id wear it every day.
its sooo beautiful im just inlove with it.
she looks so gorgeous, minus her bagel looking hair.
but she still looks beautiful as usual.

i also got this wonderful award from the amazing Sarah xo.
go check out her lovely blog. it is seriously great.

so i have to put 7 facts about me & tag 7 bloggers.

1. i have gastroparesis, acid reflux, stomach GERD, a hiatal hernia in my stomach, pulmonary valve stenosis, scoliosis, and malfunctioning vocal chords.

2. i dont have a middle name.

3. i want to go to school to either be a anthropologist or a marine biologist.

4. my favorite place in the world is daytona beach florida, and i want to live the rest of my life there.

5. i am deathly afraid of gorillas, tornadoes, and elevators.

6. i'm a dancer, and i couldnt live without dancing.

7. and i pretty much love my life.

lovely ladies:
3.Chelsea at Three Birds
4. Laura at Big City Dreams
6. Cecilia at Hey Love

love you gals!


  1. YEPP! This Chanel dress are divine!

  2. oh yes her dress is amazing! Chanel, for God's sake..
    congrats on the award <3

  3. I do like her dress, apart from the strap round her neck, that would really annoy me.
    CONGRATS on your award.
    I don't have a middle name either.

  4. I loved Sarah's make-up-her eyes looked amazing!Gongrats on award.


  5. SJP is super!! loved that dress on her.

  6. congrats on the award!loved her dress too!

  7. beautiful! there were so many gorgeous dresses at the oscars :)

  8. P.S what font do you use? Love your blog!

  9. I agree with you, indeed, she was fabulous!!


  10. Just came across your blog, and I totally agree - I love SJP's dress! It's fabulous! Not so sure what she was thinking with the hair though...


  11. awww thanks for the award darling :)
    ooooh, you can't go wrong with Chanel ♥ (well, i guess you can..but it's a challenge!)

  12. you are too cute! i love learning more about you. i love that you have such a great attitude. muah!


  13. ohh I like the back of this dress! I only saw the front during the show, but the back makes it even more beautiful! tho SJP would look good in anything! :)

  14. i love you.
    sarah jessica parker is one of my favorite actresses, aside amy adams and rachel mcadms. also, it stinks because this week i am literally not free at all. until sunday. and i don't even know then because i'm not sure when ae is scheduling me. grrrr. babygirl, i'll let you know asap. ♥

  15. The colour of that dress is gorgeous!

  16. SJP's dress was actually one of my favourites - alongside cameron diaz. and congrats on the award girl, well deserved !

    xx lue

  17. I LOVED SJP's dress and look! Love her... and cute blog banner! xoxo

  18. This dress stole my heart at first sight. Some fashion police say it's not a good one. Whaattt? Seriously!!!

  19. Congrats on the award! :)


  20. OMG...that dress is AMAZING!!! The color...the detail...exquisite.
    She sure knows how to make an appearance :)


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