Monday, February 22, 2010

i pray that something picks me up.

hello lovers.
so of course i jumped on the bandwagon to read//see dear john.
i always have HATED reading, i mean hated.
i never read, especially for leisure.
but since i've been sick and at home, life gets boring and you run out of things to do.
so i picked up a boook.
i figured dear john would be a good start, too bad it was completely depressing.
i did love the book for all of its passion and romance and i would recommend reading it especially if you liked the movie.
so i was so excited to go see the movie after i read the book.
but last night when my boyfriend and i went, i was disappointed.
of course i cried, being the sap i am, but it totally lacked the passion and relationship that the book described.
so many minor and significant details were changed, and i was totally disappointed.
but if i didnt read the book i'd probably like it.
so if you havent seen the movie or havent read the book i would highly suggest either, just be prepared to cry.
but in all honest the book is beautiful and truly shows the true meaning of love.

so now i am rading LA Candy by Lauren Conrad.
i needed a sappy love story break.
so i'm reading about fashion, glamour and boys!
i love it so far, only being on chapter like 5.
(i'm a very slow reader)
so i'll let ya know how it goes.



  1. Aww I would have cried too...I cry at everything LOOL.

    I'm gonna pick up the book before I watch it... same happened to 'the time travellers wife'. I read it and then watched it, major disappointment!!..just learnt that nothing is better than the original book I think :) x x

  2. Oooo..... I'm in love with the movie since the very first time I watched the trailer. I can't wait for it to show here! Now you're saying it's such a turn down, yea?

    I had an eye for L.A. Candy but still not decided to buy it. Please, please, please let me know if it's good stuff or not.

    I trust your judgement!

  3. i dont even want to read the time tavlers wife caus i LOVED the movie and iknow it would wreck it.
    nothing better than book caus theres so much more details in them.

    but Fe mayeb you will love the movie if you havent read the book. thats just how i felt.

  4. i read l.a. candy & loved it!! it's really fun and easy to read. wanna read sweet little lies now :D

    ...not sure about dear john though. heard so many people say they were disappointed in the movie. might read the book then, well some day :) atm i have too many other books that i still wanna read.


  5. you are so beautiful honey!nice blog! :D I LIKE IT

    I follow you, i hope you follow me toooo????

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    kisssss from germany ;*)

  6. i didn't like the movie as much as the book. and i love that song. you know the one thats the title for your post. :D

  7. ya that's pretty much how it goes I think for most book turned movies...mostly it's disappointing if you loved the book

    still want to see dear jobn, my boyfriend is in the military so I figure I should be able to relate a bit

  8. Reading the book first always seems to ruin the movie for me!

  9. I'm reading L.A. Candy, too!
    haha, I love it, it's great fun!

  10. very lovely blog, keep it up xxx

  11. I agree with you... the movie kinda disappointed me too.

  12. I really liked dear john. Everyone tells me i look like the girl in it.... i can kind of see the resemblance.

    I'm reading the twilight series (again) sigh.

  13. Yup, yup... welcome to the world of "reading the book first." Ruins the movie every time! (ESPECIALLY with Nicholas Sparks' books-- he's always better in writing!)

    I so want to read that L.A. Candy book... note to self...


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