Monday, January 4, 2010

happy christmas.

christmas time is so wonderful but so hectic. so now i have time to put some new stuff up.
i got lots of gooddies like sand colored UGGS, Dior makeup palette and Dior show blackout mascara, Michael Kors tan rabbit fur earmuffs, Burberry scarf, and lottss of other gooodies but these are the gifts that i am most excited about showing offf.

i havent actually taken pictures of myself with any of this on, but i will.
my flash on my camera broke so my pics suck and im so pissed.
but eventually more pics will come.
baby loves dior.
what can i say, i taught her well.
you can kindof see the slight burberry.
new matching polo ralph lauren hat and scarf.
lloves pinkkk.

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