Monday, January 11, 2010


here is my first hair to demonstration.
hope you all like it!

ive been experimenting with this hair do that i saw from
Imogen Foxy Locks;
but i put my own twist on it.

all you've got to do is lots of teasing and use a lot of hairspray.
you have to have straightened hair first of all.
start at the front of your hair, take a section, spray and tease the back of it until its pretty poofy.
keep doing this the whole way to the back of your head.
smooth over the top.
then smooth the sides back and pin then.
finally, take the ends of the pieces you folded over and pin where they are start to become straight again to the rest of your hair.

i had a lot of trouble gettting my bangs back since theyre pretty short.
but if you have bangs tease them like you would with the rest of your hair and smooth and incorporate them into the rest of your hair.

so i hope you guys like it!

sweater:polo ralph lauren; necklace: Tiffany & Co.


  1. very fabulous!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Happy Monday!

  2. i've seen that hairstyle a lot and have tried many times! haven't had much luck though. looks cute on you!
    Oh, I'm sarah by the way. just stumbled across your blog and it's super cute!

  3. Beautiful!!! It looks very pretty on you.

  4. thanks guys! :)

    (sarah) i found that teasing is the best way for it to work.just tease the crap out of your hair and make it look pretty on the top. worked for me! :)

  5. Great hair do...I absolutely love it!

    Have a great week, cheers: Evi

  6. I saw this on Imogen's blog as well and have been wanting to try it out. You did such a good job at recreating the look! So pretty!!!

  7. Thanx for the Great do! Definitely LOVE it and gotta try it!


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