Tuesday, April 17, 2012

to my dearest readers,

as you can already tell i have barely been posting.
i cannot even start to explain how busy i've been in the best several months, 
and i hate so say that blogging has been put on the back burner.
i blame it on the intensity of my major at school and the immense amounts of work i end up doing each week,
and by the time the weekend rolls around all i want to do is have fun.
i put so much time and effort into each of my blogs i hate just posting some mediocre post just so i have a new post.
so until i have my summer break from school i'm just going to hold off on blogging.
i hate that i have to back out of something that i love so dearly, but i literally have no time. 
but i do frequently post on my tumblr, because its so easy.
i post inspiration posts as well of majority of my personal instagram photos, and i like to vent and put quotes up about my life as well.
so in the meantime keep up with my tumblr, and i will see you all so very soon!
oh and my instagram is lacendleatherr

my life is running so fast through my fingers i'm trying my best to hold onto every moment.


  1. Aww, it's a shame that you're finding it so hard to keep up with blogging but it's great that you're choosing to put your studies first and keep your content quality, instead of rushing out posts! Can't wait til your return to the world of blogging though lovely :) xx

  2. It's sometimes good to take time out! You'll find you have so much inspiration when you come back :)
    Good luck with school!

  3. Whats ur instagram???

    P.S: I posted pics of new pumps on my blog today, go check them out!! <3


  4. I like everything here, goob job!

  5. good luck with school and i look forward to you getting back to blogging in the summer

  6. we all need a blogging break every now and then.
    good luck with everything, and i'll see you when
    you get back to the blogging world (but i'll follow
    you on tumblr until then). ;)


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  8. Such a great post!!!

    I'd like to keep in touch with you.
    What do you say about following each others blog via gfc and bloglovin?

    Let me know! Kisses,



i read all of your comments and visit each of your blogs!