Thursday, April 22, 2010

all we do is shop until we drop.

so in the past week i've bought 4 different nail polishes.
i used to never have nail polish, and now i have so much!
im excited to have a good collection.
so here are the colors.

O.P.I. : Charged up Cherry.
this is about 2 coats.
china glaze: awakening
this is about 2 coats.
china glaze: white on white
this is about 3 coats.
china glaze: heaven.
this took about 4 coats.
it goes on light.

p.s. i got tagged like forever ago by my best girl cara,
with this precious little question post.
so i thought i'd add it to here!

1. Where is your all-time favorite place to shop?
well i cant really pick one store, so i'd say this amazing mall about and hour and a half from my house called ross park. they have literally everything and lots of designers.

2. If you had a whole day to yourself, how would you spend it?
well i usually do have a whole day to myself since i;m homebound, so i usually get on here, and just relax really. lazy day.

3. What's your least favorite thing to spend money on?
food. i think it should be free.

4. What's your favorite face makeup for summertime?
powder foundation in general. i just got a new bare minerals and i love it entirely.

5. If you could pick the name of the person you would spend the rest of your life with, what would it be?
tyler ejzak, my boyfriend//soulmate.

6.Chopsticks or fork and knife?
ha, chopsticks, caus i think i look cool using them.

7.What's one thing you MUST do before you die?
go to europe. i have to visit my homeland of sicily, italy, the uk, france. etc.

it ends tomorrow.


  1. I heart that Charged up Cherry! I just bought a couple new shades myself and am looking forward to trying them out. :)

    Bre @

  2. Those are fabulous colors. Hey don't laugh at me, but my fave is the white on white. I know I can be so boring. But given that I don't know how to apply nail polish and I have to go to the salon to have my nails done, white is the most versatile color for me this season since it can match anything I'm wearing now.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  3. i'm loving the last two shades! i'm obsessed with light colors) :)

  4. SO pretty, I think my favourite is china glaze: awakening!!! What a great mix of have inspired me to spruce up my own collection. :)


  5. Nice colors!
    Award to you on my blog:)


  6. I'm new here. :) I'd have to say my fave is heaven by china glaze. I love light colored pinks... especially against tanned skin!

    The font on your blog is SUPER cute. I LOVE it!


  7. The charged up cherry is the bomb! Great colors. I was going thru my polishes last night and I can't believe how many I have! I guess I need to stop buying pinks though I have like 15! xoxo

  8. You're one of the sweetest bloggers, Julianne! Thank you :)
    I do have a small shoe addiction...

    I'm loving the OPI and the white is great too (it's sooo hard to get it to be opaque so four coats doesn't surprise me).

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS - I visited your other blog several weeks ago and was shocked to learn about Gastroparesis. Wow. It's really interesting that you were only recently diagnosed and had no problems before :(

  9. I really like charged up cherry shade:x
    aww and I agree with the food part with you:))

  10. i think i like the charged up cherry the best. going to enter your giveaway. check my page soon to enter my giveaway!

  11. I like all these shades. Great choices.

  12. i love the first!!!!
    pass to my blog and follow me!!!
    xoxo francesca

  13. I tagged you in this? Really? Hahah, I don't even remember. What was the post? LOL I blog too much.

    Anyway, I love the heaven polish.


  14. sooo pretty nail polish colors, especially love the first one!! btw, i was just thinking about what color to paint my nails next - thx♥ for the inspirations! :)
    have a lovely day!

  15. oooo my favorite is the first shade! i love funky nail polish colors too and tend to buy a bunch of them >_< but oh well! haha. at least our nails always look good, right??

    hehe, i like that you prefer using chopsticks ;D

    ♥ erica

  16. So with you on #3!
    love that white polish too!


  17. The colors are insane! And, I have been buying an awful lot of nail polish lately also. =) Oh and I sooo totally NEED to go to Europe before I die.


  18. i love that color shade of OPI ! sooo pretty !

    check my blog out at...

    dont forget to enter my sex and the city film set tour giveaway !

  19. I loooove that first colour! So bright and cheerful! I am such a nail polish addict too.

  20. cool choices of nail colors! the first one is so fierce. i love it!
    interesting facts about you, too.

  21. ooh i likelike the awakening color. so gorgeouss. :) and i entered the giveaway already.

  22. i'm addicted to china glaze! you can get it from this site for like $2.70 a bottle, you should check them out!


  23. it sucks that i can't use nail polish on a daily basis because of school! love these!

  24. girl.... me too!! i hate spending money on food, hate it!! went grocery shopping the other day with the last of our money and spent $80. because hubby has to eat and i literally got tears in my eyes... thinking of all the green tea lattes i could have bought with it. haha.



  25. We are entering polished nail season - so hey, go for it!

  26. im nailpolish addicted and these colors are amazing (: i wish i could get opi here!

  27. they are all gorgeous!! love the first one!

  28. My cousin got me hooked on nail polishes and everytime I go to the mall I have to look at some if given the chance. All of them are nice, but I love the "white on white" one because I just think it goes with everything and it IS kinda bold, not everyone would wear it.

    Oh and by the way, I also think food should be free! So unfair that you have to pay 10 or more for a plate @ chillis or any other restaurant, bummer.


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